Size 16 Flare Jeans

woman wearing flare jeans

A touch of down-to-earth cool is always a great addition to any wardrobe, so a pair of size 16 flare jeans will do you a world of favors. Versatile and comfortable, flare jeans are casual wear at their best - but be warned that styling them properly is essential!

About Flare Jeans

Flare jeans are tricky beasts in the denim world. They happen to look fabulous, but they don't present themselves as the easiest garments to wear. They aren't the grab-and-go jeans that your everyday styles are, and in order to really pull them off in a way that is both flattering and fashionable, it's imperative to pair them with the right clothes and accessories.

The flare shape is much like a modern bell bottom style. It skims the body through the waist and hips before flaring out dramatically at the knees into a wide opening at the ankle. Thus, the overall effect of flare jeans is really quite retro. Many women prefer the slightly less exaggerated cut of a boot cut leg, not only for its more modern feel but also for its flattering cut. Occasionally, flares may make a woman look out of proportion.

Great for Plus Sizes

Flare jeans are very flattering for plus size figures. You'll find flares of all sorts, though - some feature extremely wide legs, while others are more understated. Stick with the latter, as very wide openings tend to look like costumes for a 1970s revival party! Otherwise, a flattering pair of flare jeans will balance your lower body nicely.

Wearing Size 16 Flare Jeans

Of course, there's something good to be said about flare jeans, too. If you love their retro appeal or just appreciate their down-to-earth look, you'll find that there are plenty of great ways to wear these comfortable jeans. Women who wear size 16 flare jeans can make them work easily! Here's how:

  • Remember that flare jeans are the stars of the show. Their legs are wide and noticeable, so it's important to downplay the upper half of your body. Size 16 figures benefit from a slightly loose top in either a solid or neutral patterned print (neutral is a great choice because, again, it doesn't steal the spotlight away from your jeans).
  • If you're self-conscious about your hips and wish to conceal them, try a top with a draped cut. It hangs looser and thus is more forgiving to your upper body in general. Top that off with a cardigan that hits at your hips or an inch or so lower.
  • Don't feel your overall look has to be bland in order for your jeans to work. The key is simply not to overpower any one element of your wardrobe - they should all work in harmony with one another. Try a statement necklace to draw attention to your neckline, or grab an oversized satchel to complete the boho-chic look.
  • Shoes are also important. If you're petite, you may find that flare jeans cut you off in an odd way. Even if you're tall, you'll find that flares just happen to look better with a heeled shoe. Wearing flats or sneakers may cause the flare to drag against the floor, and that's something that should be avoided at all costs - not only will it mess up your jeans, but it also looks sloppy! Opt for a chic wedge heel or a low-profile pump for a more unexpected look.

Where to Purchase

You'll find a great selection of flare jeans in size 16 at a variety of retailers. Old Navy's Women's Plus department is a great starting point - they offer jeans in a variety of colors. Another option is J. Jill's Authentic Fit flare leg jeans, which offer a bit of stretch for the ultimate in comfort. No matter which option you choose, be sure to try them on before purchasing! Move around, sit, bend and wear your heels with them to determine how they'll look.

Size 16 Flare Jeans