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Photos of Stylish Tops for Heavy Women

Mary Gormandy White

Bold Accents

Stylish tops are staples for every plus-size wardrobe. They are appropriate for formal events, such as weddings or holiday parties, as well as for more casual gatherings such as dinners out and shopping excursions. Looking stylish is right for every occasion!

When selecting a top, make sure you find one that flatters your curves and style. If you decide on a solid-color top, consider accessorizing with elegant jewelry. A simple top can look elegant if you add the right accessories.

Patterned Solid Color Tops

Solid color tops don't have to be plain. Choose an all-over pattern in your favorite shade for a stylish and versatile look. A red patterned top is a great choice to soften a "power" suit for the office or to wear on its own for a festive occasion.

Lace Accents

A V-neck top with lace accents can be quite flattering. This style is a great choice for a girlish romantic look, as well as for outdoor events like garden parties.

Bohemian Look

Brightly colored bohemian-look tops are always in style and look terrific on women with full figures. Opt for a flattering color with vertical details to look your best at any casual event.

Pretty in Plaid

Plaid tops in flattering color combinations can also be quite stylish. Paired with sandals and well-fitting jeans or a bohemian style skirt for a look that is casually-elegant and comfort.

Bold Patterns

Bold patterns can be a great look. Choose color combinations that flatter you, avoiding horizontal patterns going around the body. Make sure that one of the shades in the top will coordinate with one of your favorite skirts or pairs of slacks to make it easy to work the top you choose into your existing wardrobe.

Polka Dots

Polka dots can be a fun look for any occasion. Opting for small dots like the ones pictured here is a flattering option for plus size women. Wear the top on its own for a casual outing or with a coordinating blazer for a professional look.

Bold Circles

If you like circle patterns, you don't have to stick with tiny dots. These bold circles in shades of red, gray, black and white are a great choice for the woman who likes bold looks and wants to stand out when she enters the room.

Happy Medium

Of course, you can always go with a happy medium when choosing a dotted top. These mid-size dots are flattering to many figures, and the built-in necktie is a great feature tummy-camouflage feature.

Add Some Sparkle

Sequined tops can be worn in a variety of formal -- and informal -- environments. Alone with a great pair of jeans, they make great clubwear, but with a pretty skirt and jacket, you have the makings of the perfect dinner party ensemble.

Plunging Neckline

If your bust is one of your best assets, then show (some of) it off! A plunging neckline shirt (especially in black) makes a great elegant top selection for social occasions. Just be careful not to show more than you are comfortable exposing!

Peek-a-Boo Top

A neutral-colored peek-a-boo top can be easily dressed up with jewelry or a jacket. If you do decide to go without a covering, make sure the top is thick or dark enough to not be see through. If you decide to go this route, make sure you are comfortable with the amount of cleavage showing.

Floral Appeal

A subtle floral pattern is a terrific choice when you want to look super-feminine. This monochromatic look adds visual interest to an otherwise solid top in a romantic, figure-flattering manner.

Add a Scarf

Change the look of your favorite dressy top by adding a coordinating silky scarf. This type of accessory can also help camouflage a larger bust or neckline, as well as draw visual interest to upper part of the wearer's body.

Belted Beauty

A scarf is not the only way to change up the look of your favorite tops. You can change your look and flatter your curves with a cute belt. Toss on a shrug for an added bit of versatility.

Mary Gormandy White
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Photos of Stylish Tops for Heavy Women