Finding Tankinis for Tall and Plus Size Women

Rosewood Tie Front Halter tankini by Swim Suits for All
Rosewood Tie Front Halter tankini by Swim Suits for All

Tankinis are comfortable, practical, and flattering for all body types, offering plenty of coverage and support while still showing off your beautiful figure. Finding tankinis for tall and plus size women doesn't have to be difficult, especially if you know where to look and understand the styles that suit you best.

Tall and Plus Size Tankinis

If you're tall and plus size, finding the perfect suit can be a challenge, especially when shopping locally. Fortunately, if you shop online, you can find great suits that are designed for people with long torsos:

  • The Beach Living Adjustable Scoop Neck tankini from Lands' End, which comes in six solid colors, features an adjustable armhole and center ruching to create the ideal look for you. Consumers who reviewed this suit on the Lands' End site said it was ideal for a larger bust but not flattering on a smaller chest. The top retails for $69, and you can select among a wide range of matching bottoms.
  • The Textured Square Neck T ankini from Lands' End comes in tall sizes up to 18 and plus sizes up to 26W. The suit comes in five colors and features textured material to help hide lumps. The square neck shows off a larger bust while still offering lots of support. Reviewers say the material is nice, albeit a bit heavy. The top retails for around $75 and you can choose from a range of matching bottoms.

Plus Size Tankinis

If you're just plus size but not tall, there are some great two-piece plus size swimwear options out there. Whether you're looking to show off your curves or prefer something a bit more modest, you'll have lots of shopping options.

Swim Suits for All

At Swim Suits for All, you won't have to deal with a limited selection of tankinis in your size. There are athletic styles, fashion styles, and more, all of which are constructed of nylon and spandex for durability. You can shop by "fit solution" to make the most of your assets and minimize areas you don't want to show off. Each suit is labeled with fit tips. Consider these pretty styles:

  • The Rosewood Tie-Front Halter offers a flattering print and dark waistband to slim the tummy and a v-neck to maximize the bust. It comes in sizes up to 24W and retails for about $40.

According to, consumers who have shopped at Swim Suits for All love the selection and designs but sometimes have trouble with returns and customer service. Overall, the store has a 64% approval rating as of March 2013.

Full Beauty

Although they don't offer their tankinis in tall sizes, is a great resource for plus size suits. Most feature easy-care fabrics. Try one of these options:

  • The Coachella Empire tankini is another lovely option. The beautiful print features purple with white and black in a tie-dyed look. The empire waist flatters the bust and hides the tummy. It comes in sizes up to 26W and retails for $34. Matching bottoms are sold separately.

Reviews on praise this store for its spectacular selection and great customer service. Most consumers have had an overall positive experience.

Always for Me

Always for Me has a great selection of plus size tankinis to fit women up to 26W. These suits are very stylish and come in many unique contemporary designs and bright colors, such as the following designs:

  • Shimmer Twist Bandeau Two-Piece Tankini from,
    Isabella Two-Piece tankini from
    The Isabella Bandeau Two-Piece tankini has a bust-enhancing neckline and a waist-minimizing torso. The bright raspberry color is flattering to many skin tones, and the sweet retro style has glamor to spare. The fabric is hand washable. This suit comes in sizes up to 26W and retails for about $90.
  • The Veranda tankini is another pretty option. The tiered design of the torso masks the tummy, and the v-neck offers plenty of support and enhancement. This beautiful, hand-washable suit comes in either turquoise with yellow, or rose with purple and in sizes up to 26W. It retails for just under $100.

According to a review on plus size blog My Favorite Things, Always for Me is one of the best places to find tankinis in extended sizes. The review praises the wide range of really stylish designs.

Tall Tankinis

Tall women can have a hard time finding tankinis with a torso length to fit them. However, these retailers specialize in long-torso suits.


With a focus on sporty, practical design and beautiful details, Athleta is a great resource for tall-sized tankinis. These suits are designed for easy movement and practical care; most are machine washable. Many are also rated UPF 50+ for extra sun protection. You'll find a great range of long-torso styles, including the following:

  • The Twister tankini is a v-neck suit that features a uplifting twisted design across the bust, perfect for adding the illusion of extra curves on a straight figure. It comes in several solid colors and is available in sizes from small to extra large. It retails for under $80.

According to, many consumers feel that Athleta has a great selection and good quality merchandise, but there are some concerns about the customer service and shipping time.

Finding a Tankini to Fit Your Figure

Whether you're tall, plus size, or tall and plus size, there's a great tankini out there that will have you looking your best. Keep these tips in mind as you shop:

  • tankinis with v-necks, padding, ruffles on the bust, or brighter colors on top will maximize a small bust. If you have a large bust you'd like to minimize, avoid these styles.
  • Ruching, diagonal stripes, darker color blocking, and layers or a loose fit can help hide a tummy. If your waist in narrow, you may want to show it off with a slimmer fitting suit.
  • A longer tankini that hits at the hips can help balance a tall figure. However, it also draws attention to your hips. If you're not comfortable with your hips, you may want a shorter length.
  • A great print can be slimming on any figure, but many women choose to avoid the widening effect of horizontal stripes.

Your Perfect Suit Is Out There

Like any type of bathing suit shopping, finding an extended size tankini may involve some searching. Luckily, with retailers specializing in long torso suits and plus sizes, your perfect suit is out there waiting for you to try it on.

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Finding Tankinis for Tall and Plus Size Women