What Does a Size 16 Swimsuit Model Look Like?

size 16 swimsuit model

There are many plus size models that are not only beautiful, but confident and inspiring as well. Just as with any woman's size, there is no exact mold for what a size 16 swimsuit model looks like, but taking a look at several models in this size range can give examples.

Size 16 Swimsuit Models

Women who model plus size swimwear and clothing are typically curvy, but there are differences in each women's unique height and shape. These successful models help reveal the look of a size 16 swimsuit model.

Ashley Graham

Double-Cross Siren Bikini
Ashley Graham Double-Cross Siren Bikini

American model Ashley Graham has appeared in a wide range of national publications, including Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Glamour. She has had contracts with major companies such as Lane Bryant and Levi's. She is a swimsuit model for the popular retailer Swimsuits for All, in which she models her own line. Her line consists of a range from cute bikinis to sophisticated one pieces, available in sizes 10 through 24. Graham has also achieved fame from being on the cover of the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

According to her IMG modeling profile, Graham is about 5'9'' in height, has a waist of approximately 33.5 inches, a bust of 38 inches, and a hip measurement of 47.5 inches. Due to her hip measurement being larger than her bust, Graham can be described as having a pear-shaped body type.

Laura Catterall

British model Laura Catterall has modeled for M&S and Marina Rinaldi, and has appeared in a bikini on the cover of Cosmopolitan. She also modeled swimsuits for the Simply Be company. According to The Telegraph, she is about a 14/16, approximately the same size as Graham.

According to her Muse modeling profile, Catterall is approximately 5'10'', has a 36 inch bust, a 31 inch waist, and a hip size of 44 inches. Catterall also has a pear-shaped body type.

Tara Lynn

American model Tara Lynn has a diverse portfolio and has been featured in V Magazine, Vogue Italia, Elle France, Glamour, and Time. She has modeled for major brands such as Lucky Jeans and Lane Bryant. She has also modeled swimwear for H&M's Big is Beautiful swimsuit line.

According to her IMG modeling profile, Tara Lynn is approximately 5'9'' in height, has a waist of 33 inches, and bust and hips measuring 42 inches. Her equivalent bust and hip sizes are typically the porportians of an hourglass figure.

Robin Lawley

Australian model Robin Lawley has been on the cover of a range of magazines such as Vogue Italia, Australian Vogue, Elle France, and GQ Australia. According to Time Magazine, she was the first plus size model to appear on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Lawley's UK size is 16 (US size 12) and has modeled swimwear on the cover of Australia Cosmopolitan.

Lawley developed how own swimwear line, which is available at specialty Australian retailers and select online stores. She models her own swim line for the website.

Plus Size Swimwear Models

More retailers than ever offer plus size swimwear, and utilize plus size models to display the clothing on their websites or catalogs. Browse some of the following sites to see healthy, confident, size 16 swimsuit models in beautiful suits.

  • Lane Bryant: View models in beautiful plus size swim items at Lane Bryant, which is well known for its clothing lines for curvy women.
  • Torrid: At Torrid, you'll find women modeling a range of plus sized swim looks, from trendy to sophisticated, and everything in between.
  • Woman Within: Models show off a large number of great beach-ready mix n'match looks.

Beauty in Every Size

Women are all unique and individual, and their beauty comes in a wide range of sizes, heights, shapes, and appearances. Celebrating a range of beauty helps women embrace the fact that their beauty isn't defined by a model of a specific size, or in fact, any size at all.

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What Does a Size 16 Swimsuit Model Look Like?