Women's Plus Size Compression Socks

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Women's plus size compression socks can add comfort and health benefits to any woman's wardrobe.

About Compression Socks

Sometimes referred to as support socks, compression socks are a genre of specially made hosiery that are designed to give extra support to the wearer while also increasing blood circulation. The design causes the main purpose of compression socks to be providing pressure on the lower leg and foot area. While many formal and athletic socks provide a certain amount of compression, it is not medically recognized as enough to be therapeutic.

Using this form of graduated pressure, compression socks assist in our regular everyday blood flow. On a normal day, your body pumps blood throughout your body as evenly as it can. But when gravity comes into play, more blood tends to end up in the feet and lower legs, which leads to circulatory issues. When this occurs, you may experience leg craps, fatigue, or something more serious such as deep vein thrombosis and heart problems. Compression socks help to combat these complications and give you comfort all day long and at times when you need it most.

How Do Compression Socks Work?

Using stronger elastic than what is usually found in regular socks, compression socks use rubber or spandex to place a decent amount of pressure on the legs, feet and ankles. This compresses surface veins and arteries, forcing the blood to go through channels narrower than they otherwise would. This in turn causes arterial pressure to increase, more blood to return to the heart, and takes away the excess from the feet. Compression socks are usually the most snug around the ankles, loosening when they reach the knees. Sometimes compression socks are padded in the soles of the feet as well.

They were originally designed for those who had medically recognized issues with their circulatory systems, however, now the mainstream market has capitalized on these socks in the wake of doctors recommending them for people who fly often, who have weight issues, or for those who are athletic and need extra support while jumping or running. If you have a job that requires a lot of standing time you may also benefit from the comfort and support of compression socks.

Where to Buy Women's Plus Size Compression Socks

Women's plus size compression socks are available in a wide variety of places, including common fine retailers such as Macy's or Nordstrom. There are also specialty websites devoted to women's health through hosiery, such as Ames Walker. On these sites you will find a wide variety of modest and functional compression socks without having to buy something tacky your grandmother would wear. Ames Walker keeps even medical socks looking young and fashionable.

Lane Bryant is another great store to explore for compression socks. If your local chain does not carry them, ask a sales associate to refer you to a nearby boutique that may have a selection. Compressionstockings.com is another great site to look for this item. They even sell a special detergent to use when washing the socks, and you will love the low prices and wide selection from which to choose.

If you want to have full, all-over coverage, compression pantyhose are also available. These are ideal for the workplace where you need the professional look of hosiery with the combined medical advantages of the sock. You would be surprised to discover how many plus size women wear these on a regular basis; however you don't realize it because they remain looking so fashion forward.

Discreet Comfort

Compression socks do not need to advertise to the world you have health problems or your clothes are based on living a life with a little more to love. With the wide availability and diverse style choices, anyone can purchase compression socks and look and feel fabulous at the same time.

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Women's Plus Size Compression Socks