Women's Plus Size Leggings

Dark Floral Print Leggings from Torrid
Dark Floral Print Leggings from Torrid

Leggings are an inexpensive and versatile fashion accessory that can look great on full figured women. Add leggings to your favorite tunic and you have an entire outfit in no time at all. Or, if you have a dress that's too short for you to comfortably wear, the addition of leggings can bring it back to life in a modern way.

Finding Extended Size Leggings

Leggings cut just for curvy women are available from many plus size retailers, whether online, storefront or in catalogs. These are a few places you'll find the leggings you're looking for:

  • Avenue carries several different kinds of leggings, including velour, ribbed and denim in capri and ankle lengths. Prices range from about $15 to $50. Most come in sizes 14 to 32.
  • Roaman's has several styles, colors and patterns of leggings including bootcut, leopard print, metallic and studded. Capri, ankle-length and boot cut styles are available, as well as petite, regular and tall lengths. They retail for between $15 and $65. Most come in sizes 1X to 5X or 12 to 36.
  • Woman Within has denim and stretch knit solid-color styles in ankle and capri length, with petite and tall styles available as well. They retail for between $15 and $65. Most come in sizes S to 5X or 12 to 34.
  • Catherines carries leggings in several materials, styles and colors. Choose from stretch denim, corduroy, twill and control top. Some styles are also available in petite and tall lengths, as well. They retail for between $28 and $62 and come in sizes 0X to 5X or 12 to 34.
  • Lane Bryant has a few pairs of leggings, most with subtle details and embellishments like lace cuffs or studding. They retail for about $30 and come in sizes A/B (for women 5' to 6' tall between 165 and 235 pounds) or C/D for women 5'1 to 6' tall between 195 and 275 pounds).
  • Torrid has leggings in several bold colors, prints and patterns including florals, skulls and stripes. They retail for between $15 and $35 and most come in Torrid sizes 0 to 4, which are equivalent to standard sizes 0X to 4X.
  • OneStopPlus carries leggings in both solid colors and patterns like animal prints and paisley. They retail for between $15 and $75. Sizes vary depending on brand with many coming in sizes S to 5X or 12 to 34, with several styles available in petite and tall as well as regular lengths.
  • Ashley Stewart has many different colors and prints of leggings including paisley and baroque. The retail for between $20 and $40 and come in sizes 12 to 26.

Wearing Leggings

Floral and Pin Dot Leggings from Torrid
Floral and Pin Dot Leggings from Torrid

Leggings are flattering, comfortable and versatile for women of nearly any age and size, though it's important to make selections that flatter your figure and style. It's also important to make wise pairing choices when deciding what to wear with them.


Leggings should not be substituted for wearing slacks or a skirt with a short or fitted top. Leggings are made to be part of a layered look, so they are a fashion "do" worn underneath a long tunic, sweater or shirt, or a short dress or skirt. While you don't want to wear a tent, you should choose a loose and flowing top. It should fall to mid-thigh to ensure a stylish look.


Leggings are most often worn as casual clothing item, so comfortable, casual shoes look great with them. Flats are a perfect shoe choice, whether they are ballerina flats, sneakers, canvas slip-ons or sandals. Heels can work too, as long you choose a contemporary style shoe and your footwear is appropriate for the type of top you are wearing. If you're wearing a dressy top with your leggings, modern heels can be a good choice.

Personal Style

Leggings can be adapted to work well no matter what your personal style or age.

  • A casual look for a younger person might include sporting fitted black leggings with a frayed denim mini-skirt paired with a trendy top.
  • If you're older or prefer a more polished look, choose leggings that don't fit so close to the skin; consider bootcut leggings for their flattering fit and less casual look. Wear this type in a casual office environment with a crisp white shirt and wide belt slung low on the hips for a classic look

Choosing Leggings

Colors and Patterns

While majority of leggings used to be plain and one-color, leggings are now found in a wide variety of colors, materials and patterns.

  • If you want something with a little flair, lace trimmed leggings are pretty and feminine without being over-the-top.
  • Consider pairing a pair of bold, solid-colored leggings with a neutral-colored tunic top or dress for a fun splash of color.
  • Leggings patterned with flowers, animal prints or stripes are perfect for women who want to have a little bit of fun with their wardrobes.
  • Still, if you're a woman of size who doesn't feel as confident about her legs, black is still the best color for minimizing. Plain black leggings can give you a sleeker look than leggings that are light or patterned.

Styling and Fit

Seamless Control Top Legging from Catherines
Seamless Control Top Legging from Catherines

In addition to different colors and patterns, leggings may also fit differently depending upon size and cut. To make sure you get the most out of your leggings, choose them with these tips:

  • Make sure they fit snuggly through the waist, as well as the hips and thighs; leggings too loose in the waist will slide down your hips or ride too low.
  • Choose leggings that hit either the top of your foot for a full length, or above the ankle for a capri fit; avoid them hitting right at the ankle, which can make them appear like regular pants that are too short.
  • Choose seamless or hidden seam leggings if you carry your weight in your hips and thighs to help avoid adding extra bulk to this area.
  • Choose leggings that have some tummy control if you carry your weight in your midsection to help keep them in place and create a smooth silhouette.

Seasonal Considerations

Spring and fall are the two best seasons to sport leggings, because the weather isn't too warm or too cool for this fashion statement. They will keep your legs warm, but not overly so, and can be worn to accommodate dresses or long tops. While you can wear them during other months, they may not add enough warmth during winter and they may be uncomfortably hot during the summer when you'd be more comfortable in a short skirt or pair of shorts.

Dress in Style

Consider investing in a few pairs of leggings in different styles and materials to help give your wardrobe a little boost. With so many options, you're sure to find at least a few style that look great on your curves!

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Women's Plus Size Leggings