Women's Plus Size Casual Pants

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Women's plus size casual pants are a great staple to have in your wardrobe. Anytime the occasion calls for clothing that's easy and stylishly casual, you'll have a smart pair of pants ready to wear.

Basics of Women's Plus Size Casual Pants

While casual might not mean the same thing to everyone, most people can agree that casual pants should be:

  • Comfortable: This doesn't apply to how loose or tight your pants fit. Some women prefer a very relaxed pant, while others like theirs to be more form-fitting. However you choose to wear them, they should be comfortable for you. Having to constantly tug on them or adjust them isn't comfortable. You should be able to slip into your casual pants and then forget about them.
  • Easy-care: Casual pants should be pretty non-fussy. For the easiest care, they should be machine washable and dryable. If you're active or artistic and your clothes sometimes get soiled or messy from paints, garden dirt or just taking care of children, the best casual pants need to be durable and easy-care.
  • Versatile: Women's plus size casual pants can take you many places. You might go the movies, picnics, dates, the beach, on vacation, shopping or to doctor's appointments. You want pants that work in any of these situations. They can be Capri pants, jeans, cargo pants or khakis. If you build your wardrobe around basic colors, you'll always have a good foundation to go on.

Choosing Casual Plus Size Pants

Whether you're ready to go on a major shopping spree or you only add a few pieces to your closet each season, these are good guidelines to follow when buying casual pants that will work with different kinds of tops:

  • Capri pants: Capris combine the ease of pants, but provide more coverage than shorts. Their shorter length makes them a perfect casual choice for a lot of occasions. Capris go well with all kinds of casual tops, including tee shirts, halter tops, bandeau tops and tunics. Shoes that work with Capris include sneakers, flat sandals and flats.
  • Jeans: These are the ultimate, versatile casual pants. Jeans can be dressed up or down. You can wear the same pair of jeans with a t-shirt or a cool sequin top, taking you from day to night in style. Jeans work with flats as well as heels. There are many different varieties of jeans, including for plus size women who want a pair of denim pants that can take them from one event to another while making them look good.
  • Cargo pants: These useful pants are perfect for the busy woman who still needs places to store her stuff. If you're going on a long hike or are busy chasing children at the park, carrying a purse doesn't make much sense. Instead, use the pockets on these pants to store keys, cell phones, lipstick and money.
  • Khakis: These casual pants are slightly dressier than jeans and cargo pants, but are still decidedly casual. You can create a dressy casual look with khaki pants, an oxford shirt and a cardigan, either worn or thrown over your shoulders. Slip into a pair of smart loafers and you're stylish without a lot of fuss. You can also dress your khakis down with a fashion tee and slip-on sneakers.

Where to Buy

Fortunately, casual pants are pretty easy to find. Shop anyplace that carries fashionable clothing for full-figured women and you should find an assortment of stylish pants that will work with a variety of tops and accessories. Try these retailers for plus size casual pants:

Casually Stylish

You can be as chic as you want in a pair of casual pants. Just pair them with the right accessories, shoes and shirts, and get ready to step out in style!

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Women's Plus Size Casual Pants