Women's Plus Size Classic Cardigan

Cardigan buttons make a classic statement.

What better way to enter the cooler seasons of the year than in a classic cardigan? When summer heat makes way for fall weather, many women reach into their closets for sweaters, jackets and coats. A cardigan in a timeless color and design is one item that is always in style, and elegant cuts are perfect for flattering the fuller figure.

Classic Cardigan Features

What exactly makes a sweater a cardigan? Unlike a pullover, which has no front opening, a cardigan sweater either buttons or zips all the way up the front. Classic cardigansusually have buttons. Pearl-like buttons can often be found on cardigans that are part of a twinset.

What to Wear with a Cardigan

Cardigans go well with different outfits. You can choose to dress them up or down. If you choose to wear jeans with your cardigan, the overall look can be pulled together with dressy denim and smart shoes. Otherwise, the effect can be sloppy. Cardigans look wonderful with A-line skirts or elegant slacks.

Where to Find Classic Cardigans

The woman of size has a lot of options when it comes to shopping. You can either shop online, from catalogs or in retail stores. Some brick-and-mortar shops also sell their wares online. Establishments and manufacturers that tailor clothing especially for the full-figured woman include:

Once the summer merchandise is marked down and fall clothes move in, cardigans are usually among the cool weather offerings, so one of the best times to shop is before summer actually ends. The earlier in the season you shop, the better chance you have of choosing from a good selection.

Styles of Cardigans

Don't think you have to buy a dainty sweater with pearl buttons to be considered classic. If zippers are more your style, you can find this fashion essential with a zip closure. Still, there are few fashions as timeless as simple cardigan sweaters. Some styles of women's plus size classic cardigans include:

  • Full Beauty carries cardigans for just about every outfit you can put together. A scoop neck version features buttons up the front and modern cuffs that are cut fuller. You may also opt for the twinset, which is classic all the way. Another cardigan is detailed with delicate gold buttons and subtle ribbing -- the vertical design on this cardigan is perfect for elongating the figure.
  • You'll have plenty to choose from at Avenue. The Solid Button cardigan comes in four colors that will complement almost any wardrobe. The Rib Collar Ruffle Cardigan will add a feminine touch to a slacks outfit, but goes just as well with a skirt.
  • From plain and simple to mildly embellished, Appleseed's has several appealing choices. You can find a completely unadorned sweater if that's your style, but women who like floral prints and cable knits will also find fashionable options.
  • Old Navy's's plus size division has cardigan sweaters in all styles, but if you're looking for a classic cut, you'll find it here. Three-quarter sleeves, dainty buttons and solid colors keep these items in style for years.
  • Plus size specialty store Woman Within has a Modern Fit cardigan that won't go out of vogue anytime soon. Shorter sleeves and a body-skimming fit make this sweater, available in a range of fashionable colors, a smart addition to your wardrobe.

Accessorize It

If you want to go for the complete classic look, pearls will top a cardigan in a truly elegant way. Don't allow your creativity to be hampered, however, if you don't wear pearls. There are plenty of other jewelry options, whether you prefer a bold look or one that's more understated.

Make Your Own

Although cardigans in plus sizes are widely available, you may consider making your own if you're a talented knitter. Knitting today is not the necessity it was in past times; buying manufactured woolens is almost always cheaper than making them today. However, maybe you love crafting and enjoy making your own clothing, where you can perfectly customize your fit. Books like Easy Plus Size Knits from Family Circle or Big Girl Knits contain patterns geared toward the curvy woman who's handy with two sticks and string. Imagine making your own cardigan in the exact colors you want.

Timeless Fashion

Cardigans are a style statement that have stood the test of time. Buy these sweaters in a variety of colors to perk up your cool weather outfits in a classic way.

Women's Plus Size Classic Cardigan