Finding Women's Plus Size Padded Panties

Foxy Fanny Silicone Padded Panty from
Foxy Fanny Silicone Padded Panty from

A pair of women's plus size padded panties adds curves to a lady's body where she may not otherwise have them. While it may seem superfluous to add padding to an already curvy physique, remember that all plus size women aren't made from the same mold. Those who lack but want a proportioned bottom line can get a little help from lingerie that adds a few extra contours.

About Plus Size Padded Panties

Just because a woman is plus-sized doesn't mean she can't use a little boost to her otherwise flat or sagging behind. Padded panties can do just this. From the front, the garment looks like a pair of undies. However, from behind, it's a whole lot more. The "cheeks" of the panties are enhanced to look like the perfect tush. When worn under form-fitting pants or skirts, you will no longer have the appearance of a flat or droopy derrière.

Women's plus size padded panties are considered body-enhancing or body-shaping lingerie, and therefore are usually made from a nylon/spandex blend, although some do come in microfiber, lace and cotton. They not only fit snugly against your skin, but also embody your curves, minimizing hips and stomach, and amplifying the rest. The panties come with two large pockets that hold the enhancements, which are usually made from molded silicone or foam, depending on the look you want. Silicone gives you a more natural and lifted look, while the thicker foam pads simply add inches. Most undergarments offer pads that are removable for easier care, but some styles do have built-in padding.

Plus size padded panties can look sexy too. Not only do they come in a high-waisted brief style, but also in low- or mid-rise and boyshorts, depending on your size and body type. Some stores even carry a full body shaper that comes with an enhancer. You can also find them under a variety of names, including:

  • Butt enhancers
  • Padded briefs
  • Bum lifters
  • Booty boosters
  • Bun huggers
  • Fancy fannies

Remember to check the store's size guide before purchasing, especially if you are buying via the Internet. Many times, these types of garments run on the smaller size and are not returnable. Carefully read each website's sizing chart before making your purchase. Most companies will not accept the return or exchange of lingerie because of its intimate nature.

Where to Buy Women's Plus Size Padded Panties

As plus size women's clothing stores become more mainstream, normally hard-to-find garments such as padded briefs are more commonplace. Online, however, is your best bet to find the size, color and style you want:

  • Feel Foxy has several styles of padded undergarments available. Choose from several briefs or high-waisted garments in sizes up to 3XL (size 14).
  • Bubble Bodywear has a few designs available including boyshorts in sizes up to 22W, as well as high-waist briefs in sizes up to 22W. Pads are charged separately and sold in pairs.
  • Her Room sells several designs of body shaping panties from padded briefs to microfiber hipsters, most in sizes up to 2X (18W).

Caring for Your Padded Lingerie

To launder your padded panties, remove the foam or silicone pads and hand-wash and air dry the undergarment. You can leave the pads in place while washing, but you will need to let them dry for a longer period of time. Be sure to check each manufacturer's instructions before laundering.

Final Note: Too Much Junk...

Curves on a woman's body are great, but less may be more in this case. If you already have a curvaceous backside, wearing padded panties may not be a good idea. If you are only looking to shape what you have -- not enhance -- then try one of the many styles of body-shaping lingerie on the market.

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Finding Women's Plus Size Padded Panties