Womens Plus Size Spa Robes

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If you want that luxurious resort feeling at home, consider purchasing a women's plus size spa robe. This comfy housecoat, usually worn in between spa treatments, feels great when put on after a long bath or a dip in the hot tub. Since it's a plus size, chances are it will fit you better than one of the robes given to you at the spa or resort. If your curves aren't properly covered by one of those, bring your own!

About Spa Robes

If you've ever had a massage or other type of spa service, you know how cozy the robes are to wear. Besides being made of high quality fabric, they are extremely soft, thick and designed to absorb moisture and keep you warm. Spa robes come in a variety of fabrics such as:

  • Fleece
  • Terry cloth
  • Prima cotton
  • Waffle weave
  • Microfiber
  • Velour
  • Microterry
  • Bamboo

Spa robes usually come in a unisex style, therefore are white or navy, although other colors may be available. They simply fasten with a belt around the waist for easy dressing and typically come below the knee or calf-length. They may be designed with or without a hood -- to keep you from getting cold on those cooler days -- or a shawl or flat collar. Some women's plus size spa robes also come in a kimono style, with wide three-quarter sleeves and in a shorter, mid-thigh length.

One Size Really Doesn't Fit All

A drawback to the robes from many of the spas and resorts is that they only come in one size. A robe that fits a size 10 lady is expected to fit a size 22 woman. It usually doesn't work out that way. Most of the time, it's the plus size woman who is left not being adequately covered or comfortable.

Some resorts and spas, however, do carry robes in various sizes, although there is typically a limited amount of larger, plus size robes available. If you are unsure, give the resort or spa a phone call ahead of time. If you have found yourself in this situation more than once, you can settle for a men's robe, or simply just buy your own and bring it with you. Besides sanitary reasons, having your own robe will make you feel more comfortable and more at home.

Find Women's Plus Size Spa Robes

For use at home or to take with you on your next vacation, women's plus size spa robes are relatively easy to find. However, since they are considered luxury items, you will pay more for them than standard bath robes. Consider it an investment as a good quality robe never goes out of style and holds up better than their less expensive counterparts. Find a delicious plus size spa robe at:

  • Sleepyheads: Choose from a variety of traditional and kimono spa robes in several colors, patterns and fabrics.
  • BedHead Pajamas: In sizes up to 2x, you can find a lush spa robe in a bamboo/organic cotton blend.
  • Amazon: Find what you want with this selection from Amazon. Several of these robes fit up to size 4x.
  • OneStopPlus: For an alternative to a traditional spa robe, select one of these cozy robes. They are not as costly as spa robes and many come in sizes up to 5x.

A Complete Package

Once you decide on a plus size spa robe, consider purchasing a few extras to go along with it. A monogrammed robe, tote bag, pair of cozy slippers and even a few bath salts or lotions can really tie this package together.

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Womens Plus Size Spa Robes