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Cathy Daniels plus size clothing is a brand made specifically for plus-sized women. This brand is one of many that cater to women in sizes 14 and above.

About Plus-Sized Clothing

Plus-sized clothing is really just a generic term for clothes made to fit larger individuals, usually women. In department stores, the plus-sized section for clothing will sometimes be denoted as Women's, while smaller sizes are called Misses, Petites, or Juniors. Men's clothes have a whole set of other terms used to denote larger sizes. Plus-size is generally considered a strictly female description.

About Cathy Daniels Plus Size Clothing

The Cathy Daniels brand is a well-regarded manufacturer of plus-sized fashions for women. The line includes many types of clothing, such as tunics, pants, capris, tops, sweaters, cardigans, camis, dresses, jackets, and more. Sizes begin at about 14 and go up from there, catering to a significant population of the female buying public.

Where to Buy Cathy Daniels Clothing

Cathy Daniels plus size clothing can be found at some of the retailers you may already frequent. The brand is well known and boasts a price tag that many buyers consider affordable, which makes this a sought-after brand for those shopping in the plus-sized clothing market.

The following retailers carry Cathy Daniels clothing in plus sizes.

  • Boscov's - Boscov's is a well-regarded department store that offers clothing, shoes, and jewelry for both women and men.
  • Zulilly - This online retailer carries many products from the Cathy Daniels line. Additionally, the retailer offers handbags, shoes, accessories, and a variety of other fashion products from top brands.

Other Places to Shop

Plus-sized clothing items were once rather difficult to find. Today, that's not the case. Many department stores offer large selections of plus-sized fashion and a variety of specialty stores have opened up catering to this population. Additionally, the internet offers you a wealth of buying power when it comes to finding specialty items and hard-to-find sizes.

  • Specialty stores - Lane Bryant and Torrid are just two very well-known stores offering high fashion designs for those in sizes 14 and above.
  • Online resellers - Sites like Ebay and Amazon can be useful for finding discount clothing items in your size. These types of online resellers also generally do a decent job of creating a useful rating system that can help you find quality sellers with good return policies if the items do not fit or are not satisfactory.
  • Online retail stores - Many specialty stores have cropped on the internet. These stores cater to the plus-sized demographic and many of them offer trendy fashions, something missing from many of the stores catering to this market a few years ago. Today, online retailers like,, and all offer plus-sized fashions with an emphasis on style and sophistication. Many of them also have brick-and-mortar stores in their geographic areas.

For more plus-sized retailers or to find great Cathy Daniels merchandise, shop online, where styles, colors, and sizes are almost limitless.

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Cathy Daniels Plus Size Clothing