L'eggs Plus Size Knee Highs

Knee highs for plus sizes

L'eggs® plus size knee highs are designed for fashion and comfort. They stay snugly in place and are an affordable pleasure, which makes them the perfect hosiery choice to wear under pants or long dresses and skirts.

About Hanesbrands Inc.

L'eggs® plus size knee highs are just one of the many quality products offered by Hanesbrands Inc. The Hanes name is synonymous with their signature features of fit, style, quality, and comfort. In addition to knee highs, the company provides a huge range of men's, women's, and children's socks and hosiery in all styles and sizes.

About L'eggs® Plus Size Knee Highs

L'eggs® knee-highs for full-figured women are available in sizes 1X to 7X. Use this handy guide to help you determine the correct fit:

  • 1X - weight range 150 to 195 pounds
  • 2x - weight range 180 to 230
  • 3X - weight range 215 to 265
  • 4X - weight range 250 to 300
  • 5X - weight range 300 to 335
  • 6X - weight range 335 to 400
  • 7X - weight range 400 to 450

Some quality features of L'eggs® hosiery are the comfortable stay-up band, the sheer, micro-thin material, and the nonbinding, nonirritating fit. The socks support the feet comfortably all day, which makes for extremely happy feet.

Choose from a wide range of colors to complement any garment in your wardrobe. Purchase singly or in money-saving three, six, or eight-pair packages. The sheer material feels like silk and is manufactured from a blend of nylon and spandex to provide just the right amount of stretch.

Shop for Knee High Socks

You can find plus size nylons, like knee highs, in most brick and mortar stores, or you can shop online from the privacy and comfort of your home or office. If budget dollars are tight, consider making a day trip to the nearest Hanes outlet store or investing a few minutes in searching for discount opportunities online. Buy L'eggs® knee highs from one of these online vendors:

  • One Hanes Place: Choose from knee highs with reinforced or sheer toes or various other options.
  • L'eggs®: Just click on the "where to buy" tab to find the closest retailer carrying Leggs knee highs, or shop online from one of the listed vendors.
  • CVS: Be sure to check for any web exclusive coupons before you finalize your purchase. Color choices may vary according to supply and size, but most stockings are available in off black, suntan, jet black, and nude.
  • My Webgrocer: Shop securely and save on a convenient eight pack of knee highs.

Caring for Your Knee Highs

Wash your knee highs quickly and safely by adding a squirt of a gentle detergent - like Woolite - to a sink filled with warm water. Swish the hose gently several times, and squeeze the water out. Empty the sink, and refill with warm water. Immerse the hose, and rinse well. Blot the hose in a towel, and lay flat to dry.

L'eggs® plus size knee highs can also be machine washed on a delicate or hand wash cycle, but for best results, they should be placed in a lingerie bag first. Lay flat to dry or use the dryer on a delicate or low heat cycle. With proper care, your hosiery will last for many wearings.

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L'eggs Plus Size Knee Highs