Plus Size Pantyhose

red dress and black panty hose

Pantyhose are figure-flattering, usually slimming, and can be barely there or begging to be noticed. There are many different tantalizing types and colors made specifically for plus sizes, giving full figured women tons of options. Not all pantyhose are created equal, but you can find some exceptional brands and styles today.

Fishnet Pantyhose

Berkshire Fishnet Tights
Berkshire Fishnet Tights

If you really want to up the sex appeal, adding fishnet style pantyhose to your look is a definite yes. Whether worn with a longer skirt or a shorter one, a glimpse of fishnet stockings is a confidence booster. Some sophisticated styles include:

  • Spanx Honeycomb Fishnets: Spanx is synonymous with great quality, so you can be sure you are purchasing a pair of pantyhose that will last you a while. Available in black cherry or very black, these are a very classy take on fishnets. These honeycomb tights retail for around $32 and come in sizes F and G. For added comfort, Spanx has built in mid-thigh, tummy, and tushie shapers, so that you can look and feel your best. This is a great accent for plus size women who want a little more definition in their upper thigh area, a control top, and a sleeker backside.
  • Berkshire Fishnets (shown right): Most of the time fishnet tights are only associated with darker colors. However, Berkshire makes these stunning fishnet pantyhose in two different nude colors. These fishnets are perfect for when you are tired of wearing plain traditional looks. These have character and add a certain complexity to your outfit. Available in sizes 1X/2X and 3X/4X, these retail for only about $11, and they come with a cotton-lined gusset and a double plush waistband for comfort and stay-up power.

Lace Styles

Black Floral Lace Pantyhose
Ava & Viv Black Floral Lace Pantyhose

Lace pantyhose give an outfit the extra oomph it needs. Sexy and sophisticated, lace styles often look best with a little black dress. Here are some alluring plus size options:

  • Leg Avenue Lace Pantyhose: These black pantyhose are very dressy and will add spice to whatever dress or skirt you are sporting. They only come in one size; their size 1X/2X should fit most. Priced at about $13, these are worth trying because of their superior sleek lace design.
  • Ava & Viv Lace Pantyhose (shown right): Another beautiful black lace pair, this nylon and spandex style has an elastic waistband to keep them in place, which is nice for women with a fuller figure. Available in an array of sizes ranging from 1X - 4X, these lace pantyhose are sure to fit any body type. Retailing for around $12, these are a pretty addition to your hosiery collection.

Sheer Pantyhose

Sometimes the occasion calls for a simple, sheer, plain pantyhose. Available in many different shades, some of the best styles for plus size beauties are below.

Hanes Silk Reflections Plus Pantyhose
Hanes Silk Reflections Sheer Pantyhose
  • Hanes Silk Reflections Sheer Pantyhose: Hanes is a brand that has been around for ages, so you know that you can trust them with your hosiery decisions. Coming in a dizzying 12 sheer color options, there is a color for everyone. These come in sizes 1P-6P for the ultimate personalized fit. In addition, these silky hose have a wicking ability for cool comfort, an enhanced toe, and a control top. Better than bare, these barely-there sheer pantyhose will be your go-to tights of choice.
  • Berkshire Ultra Sheer Footed Pantyhose: These are super sheer and give off just the right amount of sheen. Available in five colors and sizes 1X-6X, this pair retails for about $8 (although often you can find them on sale at two pairs for around $15). They are unique because they have an open toe, so that you can wear them with peep toe shoes if the occasion arises. They are 100 percent nylon with a cotton blend gusset. Perfect with any dress, you can wear them to the office in comfort and confidence.

Opaque Looks

Opaque-style pantyhose are the opposite of sheer pantyhose. Opaque looks are completely solid in color, and your legs should not be visible through them. This style is great for when you want to be more subdued. Some chic opaque options include:

Hanes Just My Size Blackout Tights
Just My Size Blackout Pantyhose
  • Land's End Opaque Pantyhose: These hose by Land's End are the real deal. Made of a stretchy blend of nylon and spandex, these tights move with you. They feature a comfort elastic waist band and promise to hold up after many washes, rarely getting a snag or tear. Available in black, charcoal, and navy, these are perfect for plus size ladies because of their control top. Their control top helps keep everything right and tight. Priced at about $14 and available in sizes 1X-3X.
  • Just My Size Blackout Pantyhose: These blackout tights do their job, as they are totally opaque. Sold for about $6, they come in 1X-4X. They are made of a silky, lustrous knit, and have a cotton gusset. The smooth ComfortSoft® waist offers a flexible custom fit, and they have a control top, which is always an added bonus.

Patterned Pantyhose

When plain styles just won't do, patterned options are the answer! Fun and flirty, these tights are sure to bring out your playful side:

Diagonal Plaid Tights
Lane Bryant Diagonal Plaid Tights
  • Lane Bryant Diagonal Plaid Tights: Perfect for a cocktail party or special occasion, these sparkling hose (pictured right) are fun. Black with an underlying silver metallic finish, they come in sizes A-H. Priced at around $20, you can be sure you are getting Lane Bryant quality. They are perfect for New Year's Eve or 'just because'.
  • Torrid Vertical Pattern Pantyhose: Torrid is a known name when it comes to curvy women. This style is black patterned, letting your natural skin show through. Sold for under $15, they come in sizes in 1/2 and 3/4. These patterned tights are sophisticated enough that you could even wear them to work.

Mock-Suspender Pantyhose

This type of pantyhose is ultra sexy. Made to mock the suspender lingerie trend, these are easier and quicker to put on. Super on-trend right now, some high-fashion, high-quality styles include:

Pretty Polly - Plus Curves Mock Spot and Lace Suspender Tights
Pretty Polly Curves Suspender Tights
  • Pretty Polly Curves Suspender Tights: Suspender pantyhose add a very sexy flair to your outfit. Giving off the illusion that you are wearing stay-ups or intricate lingerie, these tights (about $25) will no doubt have you sauntering around with an extra pep in your step. One size only, XL, fits up to a 54-inch waist. These suspender-style hose also have a reinforced toe and body.
  • Pretty Polly Curves Mock Spot and Lace Tights: Leave it to Pretty Polly to reinvent the classic suspender style tights and turn them into va-va-voom pantyhose. Made of a sheer lightweight nylon blend, these are about $25 and come in curves sizing XL and XXL. The XXL fits up to a 60-inch waist.

Chic Styling Tips

Getting a new pair of pantyhose is only half the battle! It's important to know what looks best, and these styling suggestions will help you to top off your outfit.

Plus size black dress with black pantyhose
  • Fishnet pantyhose are very versatile, and they can either be styled up or down. Wear them with a longer skirt, hitting at least below the knee, so only a peek of the fishnet weave is on display. This method works well for more formal occasions, and it is best worn in black. On the other hand, nude colored fishnets are best when wearing a shorter skirt. From far away they will barely be noticeable, but once up close, your sharp sense of style will be recognized.
  • Lace pantyhose always complement a dress, no matter the length. When wearing a dress that is not so complicated or intricate, such as a little black dress, make sure to consider wearing lace pantyhose. Think of these like jewelry for your legs. This can be a good choice for plus size ladies who want to draw attention away from other areas and show off their legs instead.
  • Sheer pantyhose are always a good idea. Giving off the appearance of smooth, toned legs, sheer pantyhose work well for work meetings. They also work well with a mini-dress when you want to flaunt your natural legs. Having even just a sheer amount of fabric covering your gams gives off the illusion of a sleeker silhouette.
  • Opaque pantyhose go well with shorter length items. If you have been avoiding certain dresses or skirts in your closet because they are too short, opaque tights can come to the rescue. These tights will cover up any insecurities and make your outfit seem not so short after all.
  • Patterned pantyhose work best in playful environments, where the mood is not so serious. These look great with dresses, and work well during the holidays. The pattern can also help disguise any problem areas on the legs plus size ladies might have.
  • Mock-suspender pantyhose are for the brave! This type of tights is like art for your legs. Imitating some seriously sexy lingerie, these are a great choice for plus sizes because they easier to wear than the real deal; there's no tugging or pulling. Wear these either in normal instances when the top suspender part is not showing (and no one will know your little secret) or wear them with a mini dress or skirt and let your confidence shine through.

The Perfect Accent

Pantyhose always top off your outfit and elevate it to the next level. You should consider having a drawer full, as you never know when you might need a pair. More often than not, you are probably not even thinking about your hosiery, but if you dedicate a drawer just for them, they will become a fun and practical part of your wardrobe. With the variety of styles, and features like control tops that give a slimming effect, you can look and feel incredible with the perfect hose to accent your look.

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