Plus Size Sarongs

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Sarongs for plus sizes

If you are searching for garments that instantly slim you while adding delicious smacks of color or subtle contrasts to soften a look, consider plus size sarongs. Give your wardrobe a well-deserved face-lift with several of these affordable luxuries, and dress up or dress down anything from a bathing suit to a formal gown.

About Sarongs

While plus size sarongs are glamorous swimwear cover-ups, do not cheat yourself by reserving them for just that purpose. Sarongs are multipurpose accessories, and an inexpensive, brightly colored sarong changes the look of any outfit in a flash. Wear sarongs wrapped around the waist in the same manner as a skirt, tie them over a skirt or pants to add drama to an outfit, or wrap and secure at the neck to create a one-of-a-kind dress.

Sarongs are long, wide rectangle pieces of lightweight, flowing fabrics like rayon, gauze, cotton, and cotton blends. They are available in styles like:

  • Fancy or embroidered
  • Embellished with beads or sequins
  • Striped
  • Tie-dyed
  • Hand painted
  • Solid colors
  • Hawaiian and other prints

Half or mini sarongs, which are half the width of a regular sarong, are also available. Specialty items like sarong skirts or dresses feature additional ties or fasteners to hold the garments on the body more securely.

Where to Wear Sarongs

Sarongs can be seen almost anywhere in today's culture. Sarong dresses are extremely popular for beach weddings or romantic dinners aboard cruise ships. They make the perfect cover-up after a pampering spa treatment or for lounging around the pool or beach. They are a comfortable yet stylish choice for summer wine and cheese tastings or Sunday brunches. Wear one and turn heads while strolling the boardwalk or soaking up some sun. Sarongs are popular because they are easy fitting garments that can be worn many different ways depending on an individual's mood and circumstances.

Shop for Plus Size Sarongs

You can shop for sarongs at brick and mortar stores, but you could have access to a greater variety of styles, colors, and patterns by shopping online. Try one of these stores for starters:

  • All Sarongs: Make this your go-to source for sarongs for every occasion, and you will never be disappointed. Browse through vivid florals, Hawaiian prints, or basic colors to find exactly what you need for any event.
  • 1 World Sarong: From simple, plain colors to the most exotic animal prints, there is a sarong for every taste and budget in the selections offered here.

Add accessories like straw hand bags and flip-flops or sandals for a pulled-together look.

Bargain Hunting Tips

If you live in or near a resort area, shop at resort wear boutiques and shops. These retailers maintain smaller inventories than larger chain stores and must turn their stock over more frequently because of space limitations.

Ask about frequent shopper or loyalty rewards as these lower your costs. Call the stores periodically to see if they are running any pre- or post-season sales or in-store specials. Most stores start markdowns on seasonal items like these in early July; mark your calendar so you can search for treasures.

There is no need to worry if you are not located in a resort-friendly area as there are many other ways to score big savings on plus size sarongs. Thrift and secondhand stores are profitable bargain hunting venues and so are discount stores like Marshalls or Hamricks.

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Plus Size Sarongs