Plus Size Tutu


Whether for ballet, dressing like a fairy or just having fun, a plus size tutu can be a great addition to your wardrobe. You can find all kinds of tutus for sale or, if you're really ambitious, you can try your hand at making one.

Tutus for Full-Figured Women

Carrie Bradshaw, in the opening credits of Sex and the City, walked around New York in a tutu and thus made grown women want to wear the frilly skirts again, even if they weren't dancers. A tutu is hyper-feminine, but can also have a fun and even ironic edge to it - especially if you pair it with biker boots or something similar. It can add romance to an evening and brightness to a dull day.

A plus size tutu is also going to be an exception to your usual dress sense, because by its nature it adds bulk, even if you choose a less frilly option. However, the evenness of the hang and the strength of the statement you make when you wear a tutu will cancel out the bulk added to your frame. Just be sure to wear something skin-tight for a top to create balance. Tutus look great with corsets, and you will give yourself a perfect hourglass shape if you cinch in your waist and enhance your bust.

Tutu Shopping

Tutus for grown women are usually only found in specialty stores and mostly just online. One excellent source is Tutus for Women, which has a variety of tutu styles, as well as crinolines, petticoats, pettiskirts and ruffled or lacy panties. All their tutus are handmade in the US and you can choose from Tutus With an Edge, Whimsical Wispy Tied Tutus, Multi-Layer Black With Neon Colors, Halloween, Floor-Length, Tied and Ballet. The tutus with edge are especially fun and come in plus sizes to fit a waist up to 48 inches. They are in four layers and have a frayed/feathered edge and a three-inch waistband. They come in bold colors with bright ribbons that tie in bows at the waist.

The neon tulle tutu is a modern twist on the classic ballet skirt. It features a black top layer with three bright under-layers: lime, purple and hot pink. The colors peek through as you move. This tutu is especially fun to wear clubbing, as it looks fantastic under a black light.

A classic tutu in a rainbow pattern is available from a seller on Etsy. It is tulle and handmade in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. It has an elastic waist and is available in sizes up to XXX Large.

Since tutus look so great with corsets, it's hardly surprising that some designers sell corsets with tutus attached. You can browse some at Baci-Farfalle. These are elegant, sexy items perfect for Goth or Emo events, or anything that involves similar fantasy wear. The sizes are from 1X to 6X, although not all items are available in all sizes. They also advise that you measure yourself carefully before making your selection, as the sizing will be different from clothing - you may end up having to choose something larger than what you think is your size.

Make Your Own Tutu

If you just want a simple tulle tutu, you can try making your own. There are any amount of "no sew" instructions to be found online. Whether you make or buy it, you'll be sure to look fantastic if it's styled right.

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Plus Size Tutu