Plus Size Leg Warmers

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Sometimes, leg warmers aren't sized to fit plus sized thighs, but luckily the selection of plus size leg warmers available for purchase is growing. There are plenty of places online to find leg warmers of all lengths, some made in wider sizes. Whether the look being pursued is short and scrunchy or pulled all the way up to the thighs, it's easier than ever to find or make these warm winter accessories.

Shopping Options

Find a range of legging styles in flattering looks and comfy sizes from a variety of retailers.

Sock Dreams

A great place to start browsing is Sock Dreams. Their selection of leg warmers is enormous and many of them will fit plus sizes. They also have Super-Long Ribbed Leg Warmers (about $14) for plus sizes that are 40 inches long, fitting thighs with a 22-inch circumference. They can be worn at the thigh or scrunched above the knee and come in seven colors. There are also Ribbed Leg Warmers (around $35) for plus sizes with a classic fit, long enough to pull over the knee or scrunch down - these come in green and plum.

Etsy Shops

Etsy, where individual designers can showcase their handmade wares, is a great place to look for something special and unique. There are plus size leg warmers available here, including some over-the-knee styles with thigh measurements of 19 to 25 inches (available for just over $30). Some Etsy shop, like this VacationHouse shop, offer some thigh high styles in cashmere, which stretch up to 22 inches at the thigh (about $35-$80).


Over the Knee Leg Warmers
Over the Knee Leg Warmers

Target, the US-wide big box store, offers a smaller selection of leg warmers. Some are over-the-knee designs made by their Merona brand (around $10), but these are advertised as one-size-fits-all. These may work scrunched down below the knee, but, because of the general sizing, may not fit some women's thighs. They also offer some below-the-knee styles priced from about $8 to just over $20.

Black Sheep Leggings

Black Sheep Legging offers a small selection of below-the-knee leg warmers, boot covers, and even boot cuffs for the calves, all made with plus sized women in mind. There are some plain styles, cable knit styles, and some with button accents. These are available in a variety of neutral colors like black, navy, shades of brown, and cream for about $20-$25.

Foot Traffic

Super Long Leg Warmers
Super Long Leg Warmers

Foot Traffic, a purveyor of socks and leggings, offers thigh high Super Long Leg Warmers (just under $15) that have had positive reviews on the site from those who have purchased them -- with many reviewers especially praising their stretchability. These are touted as extra-long - a whole 39 inches - and do come in seven color choices. They could be worn either scrunched down or up high on the thighs.

Styling Leg Warmers

These cold weather accessories are a great way to add warmth and style to a variety of looks:

Winter Outfit With Shorts

Ever wanted to wear cute shorts in the winter? Leg warmers make this possible! Try thigh high leg warmers with a pair of black, high-waisted cuffed shorts (great for tummy control) and a light colored button down blouse or peplum top (a good choice to give an hourglass figure look) for a smart casual look to stay warm in.

Knit Dress, Leg Warmers, and Boots

Knee high leg warmers with frilly or lacy tops are great accent pieces under flat knee high boots. Pull the look together with a knit dress (choose a looser dress for a slimming look or a tighter one to show off curves) and an accent necklace.

Skater Skirt Outfit

High-waisted skater skirts (good for making the waist look smaller) look great when paired with over the knee leg warmers, a fitted jersey knit top, and ankle boots with a chunky heel.

Jeans, Boots, and Matching Scarf

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For a perfect autumn or winter look, pair your legwarmers with neutral-toned boots, fitted jeans, a dark cardigan sweater layered over a light-colored top, and a great scarf. The style of the cardigan sweater paired with the scarf draws the eye vertically for a flattering look, and fitted jeans show off your curves but still look classy. Coordinating the colors in your legwarmers and scarf pulls the whole look together for an easy go-to style for cold weather.

Sweater Dress Style

Mid-thigh-length sweater dresses (a good length for curvier figures), whether slouchy or fitted, pair great with fitted over the knee leggings. Try a chunky heeled boot and a long chain necklace for a boho chic look.

Above-the-Knee Dress

Try out a dark colored (navy, brown, or black) dress with an above-the-knee full skirt (full skirts give the look of an hourglass figure) and add in thigh high leg warmers and knee high boots. Stay warm with a long printed scarf tied behind the neck.

Sizing Plus Size Leg Warmers

Leg warmers have changed a lot from the days when they were just for dancers. They now come in many various patterns, weights, lengths and styles. They can be worn in many ways and they add both warmth and visual interest to any outfit.

Since they are very much in fashion, most shops currently carry them, but the best shopping will often begin at shops that specialize in socks and tights. The more diverse a selection a shop has, the more likely it will be to carry plus sizes.

The accessories really only need to be plus sized if they are to be worn well above the knee. Otherwise, most of what's available from stores should be fine. Be sure to check measurements before buying, especially since these are not items that can be tried on. If shopping in person, bring a measuring tape and be sure to test the stretch - that should be enough to tell if the leg warmers will work. When shopping online, go ahead and inquire - the shop should be able to assist.

Warm and Stylish

Leg warmers may have gone in and out of style in the past few decades, but now they're back and better than ever. With a variety of colors and styles for plus sized shoppers to choose from, these are a fun way to stay warm and fashionable.

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