Pictures of Plus Size Outerwear

Mary Gormandy White

Flattering Outerwear for Your Curves

Your outerwear should be just as flattering to your curves as the rest of the clothes in your wardrobe. It should be comfortable, fit well and be appropriate for the weather's forecast. Fortunately, there are plenty of great options designed just with the needs of lovely plus size ladies in mind.

A belted coat in a dark pattern will complement your curves and give the look of an hourglass figure, even if you don't have one naturally.

Lined Coats with Bold Collars

If you live in a location where days cold enough for a lined coat are rare, go for a neutral color. If this style of outerwear is a daily staple during the winter where you live, choose a few coats in varying shades so you can look stylish while staying warm no matter what you are wearing.

An attention-getting collar on your coat will draw attention up towards the face, making it a flattering detail for fuller figures.

Insulated Coats and Parkas

For those bitterly cold days outside, insulated or down jackets or parkas are your best bet to keep warm. These tips work for a fashionable look for larger ladies:

  • Opt for a neutral or solid shade and be sure to select a coat that is large enough to fit over layered winter clothing, including the sweaters that you reserve for the coldest days of the year.
  • A coat with minimal embellishment will provide a streamlined look.
  • Choose styles that aren't banded at the bottom; this will create a puffy, unflattering look. If you need more protection from the cold, look for styles that offer interior snow guards.

Heavy Cardigans

If you live in an area where the climate is fairly mild, you may not need a very thick winter coat. Sometimes a heavy cardigan will keep you warm enough on cooler days. Avoid cable-knit cardigans, as they tend to add pounds. Look for modern, feminine-cut styles that complement your favorite long-sleeve shirts and turtlenecks. Belted cardigans are particularly stylish and tend to be widely available in plus sizes.

Simply Sophisticated

Many times, something as simple as a lightweight blazer or suit-style jacket is perfect on those chillier mornings or evenings. Pick up a few dark, neutral blazers as well as a couple in your favorite cheerful colors and you'll be prepared for any occasion. Look for fitted styles that skim your hips for maximum style.

Style on the Run

A stylish short trench coat is perfect for women on the go. Belted trenches are a great option - just avoid getting one that is too oversized so that you don't lose the stylish benefit of its tailored look. Black or khaki are great neutral options, and houndstooth is a classic favorite. Wear it dressed up with a business suit or dressed down with a pair of jeans or khakis.

Warm Business Attire

A wool or suede blazer is a great choice for the office. It is a great item to put on as you make a quick dash from your car to the door. Look for the separates in the woman's sizes department of your favorite store to find a stylish choice, or invest in a new winter suit that has a blazer you can multi-purpose.

Look for vertical details, like a row of eye-catching buttons, for a splash of style that still appropriate for the office.

Casual Warmth

For a brisk morning or late afternoon walk, a heavy fleece pullover sweatshirt is all you need. You don't have to shop in the men's departments when looking for fleece pullovers, though that is an option. Some clothing stores, such as Old Navy, carry ladies' plus size pullovers, and so do most stores that carry women's sizes athletic wear.

Long and Tailored

A calf-length coat in a dark color that fits comfortably over your favorite winter wear can be a versatile choice. Even if the coat has a more swingy hemline, make sure it is tailored and fits closely but comofrtably through the waist and hips -- too much loose fabric can overemphasize curves in those areas.

If the Hat Fits

Hats are not only an important outerwear accessory for the coldest months of the year, they are also a good choice for plus size women because the extra emphasis on the face helps balance the figure. Be sure to try on any hat you are considering purchasing to make sure it fits snugly and comfortably over your hair, as well as coordinating with the coats or jackets you'll likely pair it with.

Accent with Scarves

Your plus size outerwear collection should include scarves. Scarves can be worn in different ways to work best with your particular figure.

  • If you have a larger waist and hips, styling your scarf horizontally -- looped around the neck, or across the shoulders -- can create the look of more balance by adding some curves to your upper body.
  • If you have more of a boxy figure, wear your scarf vertically, or vertically with a knot in the center, to draw attention away from the shoulders.
  • If you have a larger upper body, you can try wearing your scarf in front of you and either straight or knotted under the bust for a fashionable look that also helps create balance.

When a Coat Doesn't Work

Many times, a jacket or coat isn't dressy enough to wear to a formal occasion such as the ballet, a wedding or dinner party. If you are in this type of situation, a plus size cloak or cape, layered with a colorful scarf, is the perfect alternative. Choose one that wraps around you comfortably, with enough room for at least a slight overlap in front. This type of outerwear is a good choice because it so nicely skims the figure.

Choose styles of fall and winter outwear that are not only warm, but also that make you look and feel incredible to put yoru best foot forward no matter what the weather brings.

Mary Gormandy White
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Pictures of Plus Size Outerwear