Plus Size Tunic Sweaters to Wear With Leggings

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Be Comfortable in Sweaters and Leggings

Pairing a tunic sweater and leggings together is a surefire way to feel cozy and comfortable just about anywhere. If your workplace allows leggings to be worn as pants, you'll almost feel like you're in your pajamas all day. Since there are plenty of stylish options, you can rest assured you'll look great as well. Click on any 'Buy Now' or 'More Details' link at the top of the following images to get information on where to buy the tops.

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Shawl Collar for Visual Interest

A solid color doesn't have to mean boring. Look for details like a shawl collar or buttons (or both!) to add visual interest to your tunic sweater. If you're pear-shaped, the extra detail can help add balance as long as you keep the leggings relatively simple. It comes in five colors, in sizes Small Plus to 4X, for under $30.00.

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Flowy Style

If you're not a fan of flaunting all your curves, this flowy style will let you get in on the tunic sweater and leggings trend without feeling uncomfortable. Ladies who carry their weight around the middle will appreciate this style. The cowl neck style will add extra warmth, too.

This sweater is available in five different colors in addition to the green shown, including red, brown, beige, and black, for less than $30.00 Find it in sizes Medium to XX-Large.

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Ruffles and Subtle Detail

Who doesn't love subtle ruffles on their sleeves, especially in combination with such a bright, attention-grabbing color? If red's not your thing, this one is available in black and light grey too. All have the same details in the ruffled sleeves with a contrasting color at the edges. Get this one in 0X to 4X for under $30.00.

Enjoy the loose fit around the middle and hips. This, along with the extra material in the sleeves, helps balance out the fitted leggings.

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Flowers and Bells

Want a tunic sweater that can easily be dressed up or down, something a little more versatile than some other styles on the market? The I.N.C Embroidered Bell-Sleeve Tunic Sweater will go well with jeggings or dressier leggings in black.

The flowers dress it up and offer a springboard for accessorization. Choose pink accessories or stick with something less flashy, then take your pick between flats and heels. You can find this style in sizes 0X to 3X for under $150.00.

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Sweater Staples

Every wardrobe needs some go-to sweater styles, and this one from Old Navy fits the bill. Get it in black or grey (solids) or opt for a striped one (pink with white stripes or white with black stripes). It's available in 1X to 4X sizing for under $50.00.

This one can pair with a simple pair of leggings or jeans because it's long, but has an overall simple style. To dress it up, play around with textures and accessories.

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Sexy Sweater Vibes

When you really want to make a statement and show up with some obvious sex appeal, a sweater like this one is perfect. This cold-shoulder, ripped tunic top pairs easily with a simple pair of black leggings, works for any shape, and comes in sizes XL to 5XL. It's available in four different colors (black, caramel, coffee, and gray) for less than $40.00.

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Simple Sweater With Patterned Bottoms

If you love it when your leggings are the focal point of your outfit, you need a plain black tunic sweater like this one from Torrid (about $50.00). This particular one looks fairly simple from the front but has a sexy vibe from the back, thanks to an open back and knit straps across the top. This style is anything but boring, but it's still easy to pair up. Any body type will look great in this one.

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Split Neck Sweater With Attitude

Here's another style that could almost pass as a simple classic. It's also available at Torrid (under $60.00) in sizes 00 to 6 in a gorgeous black and emerald green marl knit fabric. The V-neck and slashes at the neck give it a risqué feel, but you're really not showing that much skin. Though it's not a "flowy" style, it's still loose around the middle thanks to split sides.

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Layers Without Bulk

If you love the layered look but hate the bulk and heat, or need to tug on your clothes because they get bunched up when you wear a sweater over a button-up, this style - which features faux leather - can give you the same look with less hassle. Bonus: its edgy feel is sure to turn heads and make you feel like a star. It's available in XL to 5X for less than $20.00.

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Perfect Plus Size Tunic Sweaters

Choose a comfortable tunic in a happy shade to wear with your stretchy leggings and you may find yourself feeling a little more joyful and at ease than usual. This dolman-sleeved tunic pairs well with solid or patterned leggings. Jeggings would also work. A pair of cute ankle boots and a pendant would finish the look. This is a one-size tunic option (also available in soft pink and apricot), so it will fit everyone differently. Expect to pay less than $30.00.

Tunics and leggings are some of the most comfortable things you can wear outside of the house, and you can find plenty that won't break the bank. Stock up and enjoy the freedom that comes from wearing something so cozy and non-restrictive to work or to run errands, especially in the spring and fall.

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Plus Size Tunic Sweaters to Wear With Leggings