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Finding Plus Size Dusters

Woman Wearing Duster

Plus size dusters, also known as housecoats, are coming back into style. However, unlike styles of the past, today's dusters offer variety in fabrics and individual features. Along with these housecoat type dusters, plus-size jacket-style dusters offer options for dressier covers to wear in the evening when going out.

Where to Find Plus Size Dusters

Dusters that serve as housecoats are making a comeback, and today can be bought online or in a number of department stores where they are often found in the lingerie department. They haven't regained the popularity they enjoyed in the mid-20th century, but they are available in more colors and patterns than at that time. Lounge dusters are often designed with pockets, and some offer cut-away designs and snap in the back, which make them ideal for someone who is wheelchair-bound or bedridden.

Housecoat Type Dusters

Trying to find housecoat type dusters in plus sizes is still a bit challenging. However, here are a couple of stores that currently offer them.

  • Roaman's: Roaman's has a varied selection of housecoat type dusters available in sizes 12W to 44W.
  • Woman Within: Woman Within's selection of causal dusters comes in a variety of styles and lengths.

Dressy Jacket-Style Dusters

The dressier jacket-style dusters are easier to find in plus sizes. Stop by the following retailer sites to view what they have to offer:

  • Astarte: Offers a selection of original designs in sizes 14 and up.
  • offers one-of-a-kind dusters in beautiful silk styles.

Growing Demand

Housecoat style dusters are a comfortable choice perfect for women's lounge wear, while the jacket style dusters make a nice accessory to complement a casual outfit or dressier evening wear. As popularity for duster-type garments increases, the selection of colors and styles grows with it. It nice to see the plus size market listen to what shoppers want and embrace fashions women desire. Take time to shop to see what's available and to buy what you really want as inventory grows to meet the public's needs.

Finding Plus Size Dusters