Plus Sized Sexy Costumes

Plus size costume

Sexy costumes are a great way to have fun with Halloween or a costume event, all while working those voluptuous curves. Fun, sexy outfits are a great way to express personal style and to enjoy a night of playing dress up. There are many plus sized costume options available for purchase or that can be put together at home.

Sexy Plus Sized Costumes for Purchase

More costume makers are creating plus sized options to choose from. These are more than just the same "standard sized" costumes made bigger, but, rather, they are made with curvier figures in mind and are designed to flatter larger bodies. Always be sure to read sizing information carefully when shopping online - and pay close attention to what pieces or accessories are already included as opposed to those that will have to be bought separately.

Little Red Riding Hood

This sweet and sultry fairy tale costume sold by is built to emphasize a full bust and minimize the tummy. It features beautiful detailing with elegant lace and trims on the apron, skirt layers, and bustier. The dress has padded underwire cups, a lace-up look front, apron, ruffle skirt, and includes a full-length cape.

The pictured thigh high stockings, black satin gloves, basket, and shoes are not included. It comes in 1X/2X and 3X/4X sizes and is priced at about $60.

Nurse Heartbreaker

For the naughty nurses out there, this costume is a great way to show off curves and legs for days. Made from a stretchy polyester blend, this outfit features a red-accented bodice that unzips completely for easy dressing. The skirt is full and flared and the entire costume features plenty of red and white details, like crosses on the short sleeves.

The pictured belt and hat are included. A stethoscope, gloves, fishnet tights, and shoes should be purchased separately. Available from, this outfit is available in size 2X for about $40.

Women's Plus Size Nurse Heartbreaker Costume
Nurse Heartbreaker Costume

Roaring 20s Flapper

Available at Candy Apple Costumes, this plus size flapper costume will be just the thing for dancing the Charleston in. The black dress features a stunning silver sequin overlay for plenty of sparkle, a V-neck to feature the bust, and plenty of fringe for fun movement.

This costume only includes the dress, so accessories like fishnet tights, shoes, gloves, or a headpiece must be purchased on their own. This dress comes in sizes 1X-2X and costs about $60.

Sexy Red Devil Corset Dress

Be devilishly hot in this ensemble from Spicy Lingerie, which features a genuine corset top and short, flirty layered tulle skirt. The sequined corset is solidly built, featuring 8 genuine spiral steel bones and a side zipper.

The costume includes devil horns and a cute little pitchfork prop, so it has everything needed for a complete look. Sizing options for this outfit are 2X-6X and it costs about $150.

Arresting Officer Dress

This flirty and fun costume sold by Halloween Express is good for keeping law and order at a party. Featuring a mini dress, vinyl waist cincher, tie, and hat, this ensemble also has a badge pinned to the bust and the hat. With a deep V-neck and a short, full skirt, this costume is good for hiding a tummy and showing off everything else.

Accessories like fishnet tights, boots, and handcuffs must be purchased elsewhere. Available in sizes 1X-2X, this outfit is priced at about $65.

Women's Police Officer Costume
Women's Police Officer Costume

DIY Sexy Plus Sized Costumes

While trying on and buying pre-made Halloween costumes can be fun, making them at home is fulfilling and sometimes save money. It's also a wonderful way to express style and a fun personality. Get ready to get crafty with a combination of buying and customizing items to make a sexy Halloween costume.

Belly Dancer

Exotic and seductive, this stunning dancer costume is a great way to shake those hips and show self-confidence to the world. Break out the glue gun and some rhinestones to turn a basic bra and some skirts into an exotic costume.


belly dancer
  • A brightly colored bra
  • One or two full skirts in matching or accent colors
  • A large selection (at least 50, but more is always better) of flat-backed rhinestones in clear or other accent colors
  • 2 8-1/2x11" sheets of felt in a color that matches the bra
  • 2 yards of fringe
  • A glue gun or fabric glue
  • Scissors


  1. Use the glue gun and the rhinestones to deck the bra out in plenty of sparkle and shine, covering the cups in multicolored designs (flowers, stars, paisley) or just accents of a single color.
  2. Cut enough fringe to stretch from one side of the lower bra band to the other across the front. Glue this to the bottom edge of the bra.
  3. Cut the felt into two strips that are about 3 inches wide to form a belt on the front half of the skirt. Glue these strips to the waistband of the outer skirt.
  4. Using the glue gun, add more rhinestones to the belt. Glue a strip of fringe to the bottom edge of the belt.

For the completed look:

  1. Put on the bra, wear the layered skirts, a pair of sandals, and accessorize with an accent necklace or bangle bracelets.

Dark Angel

A naughty, demonic twist on the tried and true angel motif, this costume is wickedly good. Pieces of the costume can be purchased or made at home for a fun day's DIY project. Make or buy the wings, halo, and tutu - whatever is best suited for the time and budget you have available.


Dark angel


To Make the Tutu:

  1. Measure from the waist to just above the knee.
  2. Cut both rolls of tulle into pieces that are double the length measured above.
  3. Cut the ribbon the width around the waist plus an additional two feet.
  4. Fold all of the tulle pieces in half lengthwise.
  5. Lay the ribbon out on a flat surface.
  6. Take one piece of the folded tulle, place it under the ribbon, and then feed the ends of the tulle through the loop at the top, attaching it snugly to the ribbon.
  7. Repeat with the tulle along the length of the ribbon.

To Make the Wings:

Wing Pattern
  1. Use the pattern at the right as a guide, just click on it to get a printable version to download, (visit this article about Adobe printables if you need more help) and cut two wing pieces from cardboard. (Hint: draw one with a marker, cut it out, and then trace that one to cut the second one the same size/shape).
  2. Line the two wings up with the two short straight edges together and tape them in place, using tape on both the front and back of the wings.
  3. Using the circles on the pattern as a guide for placement, punch two holes in each wing piece.
  4. Pick one side of the wings to be the "right side" (the side that will face out to people standing behind).
  5. Feed a length of the black ribbon through the holes - have the long ends hanging out on the "wrong side" (the inside side that no one will be able to see). These ribbons will become straps to tie the wings on later.
  6. Using a marker, draw a line (using the dotted line on the pattern for reference) across the wing on the "right side."
  7. Starting with the long turkey quills, glue one row with the shaft end of the feathers along the angled line on the "right side." Glue a second row starting a few inches below the first. If needed, glue a third row to completely cover the cardboard and have the feathers longer than the bottom edge.
  8. Above the dotted line, cover the rest of the cardboard with glued-down fluff feathers, including filling in any gaps left by the quill feathers.
  9. (Optional) With additional purchased feathers, cover part of the "wrong side" of the wings to hide the cardboard. Or color or paint the "wrong wide" black to disguise it.

To Make the Halo:

  1. Use two pipe cleaners to make a circle.
  2. Wind a third pipe cleaner around one spot on the circle. Wind a fourth pipe cleaner around a spot on the opposite side of the circle.
  3. Wind the other ends of these pipe cleaners around two points on the headband to make the halo stand up.
  4. (Optional) With additional purchased fluff feathers and glue, decorate the circle of the halo.

For the Completed Look:

  1. Put on the fishnet tights and arm warmers.
  2. Put on the tank top and shorts/slip/under skirt.
  3. Put on the black crinoline or tie the tutu around the waist with the ribbon.
  4. Tie the wings on using the ribbon straps, knotting them or making a bow in front of the armpit.
  5. Put on the halo.
  6. Finish things off with some black combat boots, studded jewelry, or black lipstick.

Bavarian Maid

The classic beer stein serving girl is a fun way to enjoy a night of drinking and revelry with friends. This is a great costume for showing cleavage or some leg, all while tossing back a few brews. It's easy enough to buy, thrift, find, or make the pieces for this costume.


  • White blouse (a low-cut pirate blouse or just a white button-up from the closet)
  • Sleeveless dress in brown or green (such as this one by LouKeith or something from a thrift store or closet)
  • 1 yard white 1/2-inch wide ribbon
  • 6 safety pins
  • Glue gun and glue (optional)
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • 1 yard white (or any color of choice) cotton fabric
  • Black high heels


Fake Lace-up Bodice for the Outer Dress:

  1. Put the dress on and work in front of a mirror.
  2. Fold the ribbon in half lengthwise and place the center of it in the center of the bust of the outer dress. Temporarily pin this here with a safety pin.
  3. Measure about three inches of ribbon out from the center. Hold it out to the side of the center pin and pin it to the dress at the three inch mark. Do the same on the other side of the center.
  4. Now take both sides of the ribbon and make an X across the front of the dress, and pin the ends of the X about two inches below the straight line of ribbon at the top of the dress.
  5. Repeat, making two total X shapes with the ribbon.
  6. Remove the top center safety pin.
  7. Take the loose ends of the ribbon and leave them hanging or tie them into a bow.

To Make the Apron:

  1. Lay the cotton fabric out on a large, flat surface (the floor or a kitchen table)
  2. Cut one long, 3-inch wide strip from the longest edge of the fabric - this will be for the waistband of the apron. If that is not long enough to pin at the back or tie at the back of the dress, cut another strip and use the safety pins to make an even longer waistband.
  3. From the remaining fabric, cut the main apron piece as long as the outer dress' skirt (from waist to bottom hem of the dress) and about 18 inches wide.
  4. Using the safety pins or the glue gun, attach one 18-inch-wide end of the apron to the center of the waistband. If possible, hide the pins on the back side of the fabric. Glue can also be used to fix the apron piece to the waistband.

For the Finished Look:

  1. Wear the blouse under the outer dress and tie the apron at the center of the back (or pin it with safety pins).
  2. Wear braided pigtails, the crown braid, or make braided buns on the sides of the head.
  3. Carry around beer steins or mugs or a waitress' serving tray to help people get their drinks at the party.

Have Fun With It

Making costumes can be just as much fun as wearing them out. Whether bought or homemade, plus sized sexy costumes are an excuse to have fun and take advantage of a curvy figure. Halloween or other costume events are a great night to be brave and show off in a new and different way, all while getting to play dress up with a bunch of other adults.

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