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Women's Plus Size Sweats

Plus size exercise

If you're looking for women's plus size sweats and having a little trouble finding the right sizes in typical retail stores, consider looking online. Today, plus size ladies can find near-limitless sizes, colors, and styles by shopping on the internet.

About Women's Plus Size Sweats

Gone are the days when women only donned sweats to workout. Now, athletic clothing is in fashion and can be worn for a casual day of play, shopping, or just hanging out with the girls. Plus size sweats are made for those women in size 12 and above that want fashionable sweats in sizes that fit their body frames and body types.

Styles and Colors

Just as regular women's sweats come in a variety of styles and colors, the plus size versions are available in nearly every style and color under the rainbow. It may require a few trips to the fitting room before you find the right pair for you, but it's out there. You just have to look.

Here are a few of your many options.

  • Sweats with cute messages - Made popular recently by big names like Victoria's Secret, sweats with cute messages across the bottom or on the back of the hoodie are all the rage right now. These type of sweats have typically be targeted toward younger women, but have now entered the mainstream and are being worn by a variety of women and girls. These sweats come in many colors, though pink, black, and white are very popular.
  • Bedazzled sweats - In addition to screen-printed images, some sweats are now featuring bedazzling with different color faux-jewels. Something these jewels spell out a message. At other types, they create a pattern or figure on the sweats. This type of sweat is considered highly fashionable.
  • Sweats for exercise - Basic sweatpants and hoodies will probably always be popular in nearly every color. They are functional and allow freedom of movement during exercise while wicking moisture from the body.

Shopping for Sweats

Consider these retail locations when shopping for women's plus size sweats.

  • Specialty stores - Several specialty stores have opened their doors over the years to cater to plus size ladies who want fashionable clothes in larger sizes. Lane Bryant, Kiyonna, Avenue, CJ Banks, and Torrid are five such stores that offer high fashion blouses, dresses, slacks, jeans, capris, and ultra-casual clothes like sweats and pajamas for ladies size 12 and above.
  • Chain retail stores - With the population's weight demographic changing, many large-chain clothing retailers are debuting plus size sections in their stores. Old Navy, JCPenney, Sears, and Fashion Bug all offer a wide selection of plus size casual fashions like sweats and career wear, such as suits and dresses.
  • Online stores for plus size women - The internet is full of retailers ready to strike deals over their brick-and-mortar counterparts, so this may be the first place you want to look for fashionable sweats at very reasonable prices. Likewise, many chain stores sell larger sizes online than they do in stores, so it never hurts to check the website before you shop.

Whether you shop online or visit a plus size fashions retailer, finding a great pair of women's plus size sweats is a whole lot easier today than it would have been just a few years ago. Women with curves are now far more accepted and appreciated than ever before, and fashion is now finally catching up.

Women's Plus Size Sweats